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Continuous Mixing update

A whole new meaning to Continuous

By Andie Rapid - May 19, 2017

May 19, 2017

So much activity is happening in the industry.  So much, that our twin-shaft continuous mixing plants never seem to make it back to the shop due to continously moving from jobsite to jobsite.  

Andale Construction has called upon Rapidmix for projects such as NIT North Gate improvement, Hampton, VA project (pictured below), as a Rapidmix fan, they recently rented a new Rapidmix 400C.  After great success Andale decided to purchase their rental and is heading off for an NCDOT project.

"We were able to run the plant continuously at 400-425 tn/hr with our pig/silo.  I have never been able to run that fast for a couple of hours much less than 8-9 hrs without stopping.  We averaged 1,800 cy/day with the (Rapidmix) 400 and even hit 2,500 one day.  The mix was very consistent out of our plant.  Everything set up in less than 2 hours, calibration took about that long excluding the wait time at the scales, and we were off and running.

We are getting ready to move it to an NCDOT job next week."
~Matt Munsick @ Andale Construction

Just prior to Andale, Branscome  was working in Norfolk, VA with a Competitors mixer.  They started shopping around for a replacement mixing plant, that is when they called upon the Rapidmix 400C rental to save the day.

Before the plant could hit the road home it was redirected to Houston, to add to Rollcon's Rapidmix lineup.  Last year, Rollcon purchased a Continuous Weigh 400CW plant (pictured below) and will now be adding a Volumetric 400C option to their fleet.

  • The other week Kris Schneider worked with Knife River on the commissioning and training of their rental in Cheyenne, WY.  
  • A Rapid team is in Canada, for Beton Provincial to train and commission their new Rapidmix purchase.
  • Our next brand new 400CW comes off the manufacturing floor in a few weeks!
There are many updates to come...

“…the production rate has left me with only the problem of keeping the reagent deliveries scheduled quickly enough.”
-Bill Haynes-Project Manager, AECOM, Glenn Allen, Virginia USA
"Once DIA recognized the product durability and the cost savings offered by RCC, it became their pavement of choice in this application."
-John L. Edwards- RCC Contractor, Interstate Highway Construction
 “With increased use of cementitious materials such as roller compacted concrete, Rapid International’s Rapidmix 400CW was the ideal choice for CEMEX UK. The machine offers the company benefits that include low operating costs, excellent mobility and high outputs to meet the challenging demands of today’s projects. The Rapidmix 400CW will undoubtedly help CEMEX deliver best value to all our clients”.
-James Playford -Business Development Manager, CEMEX Paving Solutions

We are proud to work with great Contractors and appreciate their passion for the industry-Thank You!