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Roller-Compacted Concrete Annual Meetings

ACPA 54th Annual, RCC Pavement Council, and Task Force Meetings

By Andie Rapid - November 28, 2017


Heading to San Diego today!  These meetings are surely going to be epic.  From Research to Promotion we are going to roll out some good vibes!

We have had an up tick in the number of calls for Roller-Compacted Concrete mixing projects.  How do we meet contractor's needs?

Rapidmix capabilities merely begin with being fully mobile.  

The self-contained benefits mean’s you have everything you need in one machine, in one haul.  This reduces transportation costs.  Equipped with a Tier 4 Final Gen-set means lower equipment rental costs.  The on-board water tank, Siemens mag-flow water meter and 2 positive displacement spray bars additionally reduces overhead.  Typical mixing plants require cranes, takes days to set-up, and are lacking all the time saving, cost effective benefits.  Rapidmix is self-erecting and equipped with hydraulics for erection of the 48-ton silo and 1 y3 gob hopper, see a video of set up HERE.  Overall, set up takes merely hours and has the potential to mix same day!  Customers love those cost saving benefits, they frequently let us know it saves them tens of thousands of dollars on their projects.

Rapidmix can be monitored from anywhere, meaning a tech can be online should the need arise saving you an unnecessary service call for on-site tech assistance.  Available with the Wi-Fi equipped option on Volumetric (C) models and on all Continuous Weigh (CW) models.  Learn more about the differences between them: C and CW  The operator panel gives you full control.  Furthermore, you can sync to Wi-Fi or print and monitor output via lap-top from anywhere.  Need service?  We can remotely login to your Rapidmix for diagnostics and troubleshooting.  Finally, Rapidmix only requires a single operator while we recommend two for precaution, thus adding to cost saving benefits.

If you are interested in Roller-Compacted Concreted Pavement please visit the RCC Pavment Council website or ACPA by clicking on the logo below.