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When Common doesn't cut it

When the common fails - RCC prevails

By Andie Rapid - March 14, 2018

Ran across an article the other day.  While I shouldn't be shocked, it is merely that I am in awe the industry has not caught on to the true value of Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavement also refered to as RCC (not to be confused with reinforced cement concrete-which includes the need/use of rebar where Roller-Compacted Concrete is independent). 

The common methods in this research, I question, merely last 5-7 years, then they need maintenance and eventually full replacement within an estimated 10-15 years.  RCC is a Low-Volume Paved Road (LVR) and so much more (hint, hint, freeze/thaw resistant, sustainable, saves taxpayers $113k, low to no maintenance under most conditions before 15 years and a life expectancy of well over 15 years, but more like 30 or even 50+). 

We are members of the RCC Pavement Council and proudly support this form of Pavement, our future depends on it!