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Long Life / Low Maintenance Conference Recap

TXDOT and Cement Council of Texas adds another excellent Conference to their resume.

By Andie Rapid - April 24, 2018

Was the recent Long Life/Low Maintenance bi-annual Concrete Conference a success?  

Well, is there a guitar in Austin? TxDOT and the Cement Council of Texas did it again with a well assembled, value-packed agenda, and a stellar venue for their 2018 conference.  With live displays, highly competent speakers, and a solid lineup of industry sponsors and distributors, each participant walked away standing taller due to the confidence conveyed through great presentations, a realistic outlook, and a collective challenge to raise the bar for a better state infrastructure.  We tip our hats to the planners and facilitators of this event.

As the state of infrastructure has come increasingly face to face with the general public, commuters in Texas can rest assured that solutions have been underway, well in advance.  As a model for progress, TxDOT and the Cement Council of Texas created a platform to bring the brightest and best together to collaborate in detail and solve traffic congestion, deliver pavement longevity through improved design, plan and replace bridges for safety, and reduce maintenance and operations costs for future generations. 

Together, the forum leadership and attendees entertained real world possibilities and clear-cut projections for an achievable improved infrastructure. Net yield values such as advanced engineering techniques, improved best practices, and results oriented visionary brainstorming rounded out the conference appropriately themed, Long Life/Low Maintenance. Constituents can expect sustained progress, positive reports, and applied excellence as a result. 

We look forward to an even more powerful 2020 Conference.

Thank you TXDOT and: