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CG/LA Latin American Conference Recap

Infrastructure: The life and blood of every economy

By Andie Rapid - August 7, 2018

Recently, Rapid Representative, Jimmy Clem, attended the 16th annual Latin American Leadership Forum.  It was a clear message that no matter what economy you live in, infrastructure is its life and blood!

The much anticipated LALF 16 Infrastructure event in Miami in late July was brimming over with optimism from construction procurement appointees, P3 investment bankers, and planning visionaries representing: the Caribbean, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, Panama, Uruguay, Peru, etc.  Government dignitaries and members of the engineering community brought exposure to projects ranging from highways and rail to tunnels and gas liquid deliveries for emerging countries in growth mode. Rounding out the agenda with equally compelling presentations were speakers and panelist discussing infrastructure plans and progress for new airports and expanded sea port facilities. Puerto Rico commanded much of center stage with pictures and verbal descriptions of the stark rebuilding realities following a direct Category 5 hurricane.  Closely identifying with the audience, many of whom were affected by hurricanes Irma and Harvey, panelist stressed continued restoration of the power grid, water delivery and treatment, and transportation connectivity. While infrastructure overhauls can often take longer than originally planned, Rapid International USA strives to provide superior mixing solutions to ensure a timely, sustainable, cost-effective means of rebuilding today for a low-maintenance, resilient future.

We offer mixing solutions for:
Roller-Compacted Concrete
Cement Treated Base
Soil Cement
and more, which supports a variety of infrastructure modalities such as: Ports, Airports, Distribution Centers, ETC.