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RCC Highlights and a follow up on the first ever 40' single pull RCC roundabout!

Civil, environmental, and paving project quick hits and

By Andie Rapid - August 9, 2018

Rapidmix shines whether in the spotlight or not.  The last couple months many RCC projects have been completed.  Here are a few RCC Pavement quick hits to check out:

Cemex USA is mixing it up in the spotlight  in CA.

Morgan Corp just finished a holding basin in North Carolina using RCC.

Cemex UK mixed RCC with their Rapidmix for an Automotive Logistics Center.

Rollcon is in Houston for some Logistics Center RCC paving.

RCC Pavement Council fellow member Peltz Companies paved RCC on a Railroad project. 

These projects and many more go to show Roller-Compacted Concrete is proving to be a choice pavement for a number of uses all over the world.  For more events, research, or membership go to: RCC Pavement Council.

Did you miss the:
RCC Pavement Expose and BBQ
Wednesday, August 22nd 10-2
Get a sneak peek VIDEO or visit R&T Ellis Inc. for more info.