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Letterkenny Army Depot Soil Remediation

By David Bernardini - April 8, 2015

Letterkenny Army Depot was a 19,000-acre facility established in 1942 with a primary mission of ammunition storage. Working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District and AmDyne Corporation (AmDyne), MT2 performed a removal action of soil contaminated with lead above risk-based standards in Lot 48, which included approximately 1,420 CY of lead-contaminated soil with lead levels as high as 100 mg/L. Contaminated soil averaged approximately one-foot in depth; however, in one location (less than 10-tons of soil), the depth extended to two-feet in depth.

MT2 was contracted to deploy ECOBOND® technology and services to treat the lead-contaminated soil to below the RCRA standard of 5.0 mg/L TCLP lead. MT2 deployed ECOBOND® stabilization technology to the surface of the soil and mixed the soil in 12-inch lifts. The soil was successfully stabilized with ECOBOND® technology to the required less than 5.0 mg/l TCLP level and removed for offsite disposal at a non-hazardous waste facility.
The RAPID 400 self-contained, mobile, continuous mixing plant was selected for this application due to its precise measuring capability, mix design, mobility and low cost.  MT2 needed a very accurate continuous mix of contaminated materials with ECOBOND® before moving the stabilized material to a non-hazardous waste facility. The RAPID 400C/CW and 600C/CW mixing plants are always being enhanced in order to provide a more precise, effective, low cost solution to mix material being stabilized for many different remediation projects. See for more information on applications and uses of the mobile mixing plants/pugmills.