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Roll On Rollcon

By Andie Rapid - May 6, 2016

Rollcon has recently acquired yet another Rapidmix.  She can be seen (below) during set up and calibration (which, mind you, only takes a few hours-altogether!).   Not only was our owner Dennis Bauer on site but our technicians David Thaden and Kris Schneider.  That's not all, also starring were our Manufacturing Reps from Rapid International LTD who came in from Ireland. 
Did I mention this 400CW (Continuous Weight) model is in-laid with a Tier 4 Final GenSet, can accomplish 400 tons per hour and will keep the Roll in Rollcon at ease.  Why with that Rapid rate, sounds "Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive...",
[122] a phrase coined by Jay Morton.  Well it's no bird, it's no plane, but wait it's Super-Rapid!

Special thanks to Rollcon, we are proud and honored to continue to be an asset to your business.