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RAPID RCC Continuous Mixing Demo

By David Bernardini - May 26, 2015

Henderson Quarry RCC Demo

RAPID International USA partnered with the owner of the Henderson Recycled Material Quarry, Andale Construction, GCC, Honnen, and Wagner to mix and lay a test strip of RCC for heavy repetitive truck traffic. The traffic in and out of the quarry averages ~1500 trucks per day.

Approximately 500 ton of recycled crushed concrete, 1.5 minus and .75 minus, was used as the aggregate and fines along with 50 Ton of Type 1/2 Portland cement. The mixture also contained a small amount of ACEiT ad mix (2%/100) if/when a smoother finish is required using a power trawl. A new RAPID 600 was used to mix all materials at the bottom of the quarry. The material was moved about 500 yards to site and placed in a Vogele Paver, rolled and power trawled.

Cement and water being added to the RAPID Mix plant

Mixing RCC materials at a rate of 300 tons/hour
Paver laying RCC